Drive with Care for Gas Mileage Savings

Gas MileageOne of the best fuel mileage savings is to keep your car well maintained. Getting your car serviced regularly, which includes oil changes and tune-ups, maximises your fuel economy. Your tires need to be in good condition and the correct spec for your car, wide tires, although cool, increase gas mileage consumption.
Driving tips to save on gas mileage and to get you to your destination safely:
Stick to the speed limit.
Maintain a constant speed and avoid constant rapid acceleration and braking.
Anticipate actions on the road ahead.
Remove items that increase drag, such as roof racks and bicycle carriers and excess baggage.
Use the air conditioner sparingly.


About gasmileagesaver

Often I worry about the fuel consumption of my vehicle and whether one brand of gas is superior to another. Now I use a gas mileage app to help me - and I can see immediately what is going on.
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