Improve Your Gas Mileage Today

fuel MileageThere is an ever increasing number of cars on the roads around the world (currently estimated to be over 600 million,) and all require gas fill ups. Most of the drivers of these vehicles are concerned about their gas mileage, and are constantly looking for improvements. fuel Mileage savings start right at the beginning, before you even purchase a new vehicle. You ask yourself, “What will it be? A Hummer H2 with an average of 9 miles per gallon, or, at the other extreme, a gas-electric hybrid PriusT3 which averages around 70 miles per gallon?” Consideration of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and the resultant effect on global warming are also topics high on the agenda for those concerned about the environment.


About gasmileagesaver

Often I worry about the fuel consumption of my vehicle and whether one brand of gas is superior to another. Now I use a gas mileage app to help me - and I can see immediately what is going on.
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