Slow it Down Upon Departure as your Gas Mileage Depends on it.

fuel MileageIt should be quite painfully obvious that slow acceleration wins the race in this case. It is not only very selfish of you to drive passed the flow of traffic at alarming rates just to get passed a stop sign or a red light but it is also very departmental to your fuel mileage as a whole.

To beat the heat would require that you punch the gas pedal hard and overall, there’s no point in doing something like that as it will not help you out in the long. The faster you choose to go the more fuel you use; case and point, keeping it slow will reduce gas consumption significantly.


About gasmileagesaver

Often I worry about the fuel consumption of my vehicle and whether one brand of gas is superior to another. Now I use a gas mileage app to help me - and I can see immediately what is going on.
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